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For all rental materials

As every skier knows well, with the qualitative evolution of the materials the preparation of the tool has become fundamental.
Good badly prepared skis can ruin a wonderful day on the snow.
This factor has led us to invest huge amounts in the purchase of the latest generation of machines that use stone honing systems and blade sharpening with ceramic discs such as the Winterstiger Mercury.
This machine, equipped with Racing Software and a special sanding wheel, allows us to obtain top-level impressions for race equipment.
The same are also made on all skis for hire so as to offer all our customers the best possible performance.

For information: ski@tako.it
For our customers

The material deposit service is highly appreciated by our customers, not only because of the proximity to the start of the plants
of ascent but above all for the drying, disinfection and heating of the boots and for the wide spaces dedicated to the users.
A warm and dry boot? a great way to start a day on the snow.

For information: ski@tako.it
For all rental materials

Skiing with foot pain, there’s nothing worse than ruining your snow holiday!
For several years Ivan and Luca have equipped themselves and work on the boots fitting.
Thanks to their decades of experience, they have brought back the smile on the face of many customers who could not stand to ski with annoying foot pain caused by the boots.

For information: ski@tako.it